Protect Your Child From Bullies

Ways to prevent bullying

  • Talk about the problem
    • Encourage children to talk about it. Sometimes, they will feel embarrassed so it is important to keep children talking. It may be helpful to have other family members talk about the times they were bullied too. Be sure you do not get upset or this may keep your children from talking.
  • Use the buddy system
    • It is more difficult for a bully to bother children when they are with others so tell children to stay by friends. Also, they should stay nearby adults to they can call on adults if the bullying continues
  • Help children understand bullies want a reaction
    • Remind children to stay calm and not pay attention to hurtful remarks or walk away.
  • Don’t talk to the bully’s parents
    • Let school staff know what is happening and have them deal with the parents of the bully.
  • Learn what the school policy is on bullying
    • Be sure the school follows it.