Solving Chronic Absence:

Information and resources for educators and community coalitions

Campaign Resources

Tools to Reduce Chronic Absence

Help build a culture of good attendance in your communities. Use these resources to make families aware of the detrimental effects of chronic absence. Distribute these resources throughout your communities in places parents and families visit on a regular basis. Review the toolkit for outreach suggestions, be creative and let us know how we can help you!

Every Student Present -- Parent Website Badge

Quickly link parents to useful information

Every Student Present -- Parent Information Flyers

Helpful tips for parents. Available for download in 13 languages.

Every Student Present -- Awareness Posters

Available for download in 3 sizes

Every Student Present Awareness Toolkit

Ways to increase awareness & reduce chronic absence

Every Student Present -- Talking about Attendance

Sample letter & script to help communicate with parents

Attendance Awareness Activities

Use with parents, staff & community leaders

New York State Education Department

NYSED related attendance reports, guidelines & regulations

New York City/Children's Aid Society Resources

Principal Guides for attendance teams & mentor programs

Social-Emotional Development

Participate in SEL Pyramid Training

Related Research

Research articles that link school success & attendance

Related Links

Links to websites with related information

NY 211 -- Community Resources

Use 211 to find county- and city-based human services.