Boost Your Child's Confidence

Dealing with shyness

Listen to tips for helping shy children

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Provide an entry strategy

Talk to your childrenabout how to approach a group of peers.

  • Remind your children they can listen and allow everyone some time to get used to one another. Teach them to find a break in the chatting and join in. Offer talking points beforehand, such as, “I like boats, too.”

Build confidence

Remind children of a time when they were in new situations and got through it.

  • When going to a birthday party, for example, bring up another party you went to and how much fun she had with the other children.

Work on social skills

Give your children chances to practice their social skills whenever you can.

  • In the store, encourage them to pay the cashier.
  • At dinner, have them order their own meal. Invite a friend over to play so your children can get more practice being with peers.

Offer feedback

Praise or reward your little ones for small steps.

  • Complement them when they say "hi” or wave to someone.
  • If they freeze up in front of someone, discuss things they can try next time.

Express empathy

Tell your children that you feel shy too sometimes.

  • Share stories about times when you overcame your own shyness.

Model outgoing behavior

Show your children.

  • Let them see how you greet people, converse, and be friendly, so they gets more comfortable doing the same.